Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To Every Thing There is a Season

Most of you who are reading this are now experiencing the changing of the seasons. Here in Nevada, we basically only have 2 seasons. Brown & Hot or Brown & Cold. About the only time we have any green is early in the spring when the desert is just starting to come back to life again. Before too long everything is back to it's normal brown sagebrush and dirt.

I have to admit I've often said I don't care to ever go back to live in Michigan because of the 6 month winters. But I've found that I actually do miss having an actual Fall. I remember the changing colors, the smell of burning leaves, crispy cold temperatures in the mornings, the smell of fresh school supplies, and of course the excitement coming up to Halloween. (I've heard that the sense of smell is the strongest for 'sense memory'. Hmmm)One of my very favorite parts of fall was the huge caramel apples I could buy at an orchard near Grand Rapids. They only sold them during September & October, and possibly into November before Thanksgiving. Here you can only get caramel apples if you make your own, or if you go to the Rocky Mountain Candy Shop and pay $5.00 apiece for them! Of course not only do they have your 'regular' caramel apples with and without peanuts, you can get apples covered with M & Ms, cookie crumbs, chocolate chips, and all kinds of stuff.
But anyway, I better quit while I'm ahead; I'm giving myself a craving!

About a week ago (Oct 5, to be exact) I came out of work at about 7:15 in the morning and looked up to see fresh snow on the hills west of Reno! I can see getting some snow around Halloween, but at the BEGINNING of October? I was pretty upset about that! The next day I saw a photo posted on Twitter from someone in Colorado at about 7000 feet elevation, and they had what looked like a good six inches of snow on the ground! I better stop my complaining; things could be a lot worse.

On the positive side of the Nevada winter, generally we don't get a lot of snow. (As I keep my fingers crossed that I haven't jinxed us...) Most of the snow seems to fall in the Sierra Nevada Range to the West of Reno, and it's mostly depleted by the time it gets to us. (We live about 40 miles east of Reno) Occasionally we get a few inches of snow, but it generally melts within a day or two. We'll continue to hope we have a mild winter again this fall since both DH and myself drive back and forth to Reno for work.

A more interesting note; I hope to go on a short cruise in January. I'm surprised to see how affordable cruises are, even including airfare. Of course all your meals on the ship are included as well, so that saves quite a bit of money also. Alcohol isn't included, but I rarely if ever drink anyway. If anyone is interested in coming along with me, let me know. DH is not interested in going; "I couldn't take that much time off work!" (a week). It must be great to love your job so much that you don't want to be away from it that long! Actually, I think it's more of not wanting to see how much work piles up while he's gone! For those of you who don't know, DH is retired from the Air Force, and has had his fill of waiting in lines, crowding into airplanes and being surrounded by strangers all the time. But that's okay; he doesn't care if I want to go places so we're both happy!

I know this hasn't been a terrifically interesting blog, but I guess that just goes to show that life isn't always full of fascinating or funny things to pass along. But I wanted to get one more entry in before I head back to work for my next stretch of working six of the next seven days! While you're sleeping, think of me busily at work pushing drugs (:-) and answering the ubiquitous (oooh, big word!) call lights!

By the way, I was shocked to hear at work the other night that the Lions and Tigers are actually doing well this year! (Oh My!) Is the Silverdome still there, or have they torn it down yet? How about the old Tiger Stadium? The last time I was back in Pontiac, it was sad to see just how poorly Pontiac and the surrounding area is doing. It's beginning to look like a ghost town.

Take care all, and I'll try to come up with a more interesting blog for next time!

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