Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vacation Plans

I'm leaving tomorrow for a blissful week in Hawaii with my millionaire lover. We'll be spending time eating at all the best restaurants and mixing with all the upper crust of society, of course. Oh, and flying first class, as well.

NOT!! I know, I really didn't have you fooled at all, did I? I'm actually leaving tomorrow to go visit my father in Michigan. Not quiiittte as good as a week in Hawaii, but close. Since it is the middle of winter, I'm going into this expecting flight delays and weather issues. Meaning, I won't be terribly disappointed if I get delayed enough that I miss work next week and get fired. (Kidding, DH.)

Anyway...I made it to the David Garrett concert in Reno last week, and it was outstanding. Turned out my tickets were in the 3rd row; unfortunately on the wrong side of the auditorium, so most of the show had him with his back to our side of the place. But the music was great, and a good time was had by all. At least until the end of the show and we had to go outside. THEN, it was pouring rain and windy.But that took care of the wild-fire south of Reno, which ended up destroying some 20 homes. Talk about weird...I've lived here about six years, and to have two major fires in two months is kind of strange.

It's also been strange because we haven't had any snow yet. (Now that I've said it, I'll probably jinx myself and tomorrow will wake up to a foot of snow) The ski resorts around Lake Tahoe are having problems, of course. As I'm not a skier, I can't empathize a whole lot, but I'm sure they're losing money like crazy.

In any case, I need to do laundry before I can head out of here tomorrow. I hope everyone (anyone?) reading this is safe, warm, and happy. :-)

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Bark Side

I was browsing YouTube today (you see how motivated I am when I'm not working!)and ran across this cute video. I'm not endorsing Volkswagen (even though I've had a couple), but this made me laugh out loud. In addition, Goofy Dog heard all the barking and had to come over and investigate it. He then added his own touch to the finale, giving a good old howl at the end! (I really like the one on the right hand side dressed as an Ewok, and the one who comes across the front as one of those 'walker' thingies) :P

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pontiac, Michigan (yesterdays)

An old friend of mine, Peggy, posted this to her Facebook profile today. Because most of my relatives who are from this area probably don't get her feed, I thought I'd add this here myself. It's amazing how many old places I had forgotten about. When you go back to Pontiac now, it's really sad to see what's become of it.

For those of you who haven't a clue...sorry, but I thought my family and others originally from the area would enjoy this!

Who's Your Favourite?

I'm well beyond the 'having babies' stage in my life, but I stumbled on this video on YouTube today and thought it was worth a share. Some of my younger family members who are still having babies might find it pretty funny!

And completely on a different subject:

Did you know there's a new $1 coin out in the world? Remember the old Susan B Anthony dollars that failed so miserably 10 years ago or so? Now, there's a gold colored dollar coin that has...wait for it....Andrew Johnson on it! Okay, I think this guy was a president quite some time ago in the 19th century, but does anyone remember anything about him? How did he end up with a coin in his honor? Anyway, somehow I ended up with one of these in my change. I have no clue where I got it, but when I went to get a soda at work last night, there it was. It's just a tad bigger than a quarter, so it's a good thing they made it gold colored. I don't know if it will go over any better than Susan did, but wanted to let you know about it.
Considering how NOT up to date I am with the news, all of you are probably aware of these things, and they've been out there for a year or something!

This Friday I'm going to the David Garrett concert in Reno. If you look back, you can find a video of him that I posted. I'm really looking forward to it, but now DH doesn't want to go after all! So now I'm trying to decide if I'll go alone or take MIL (Mom in Law) along with me so the other ticket won't go to waste. Anyone out there want to make a quick trip to Reno? LOL!

Another of my favorites, Adam Lambert, made an appearance on the Jay Leno show last night. If you didn't see it, you can (I think) see video of the appearance on YouTube and probably other places. It seems that Mr Lambert is changing his look with this new album. He's not so glitter/glam with the leather gloves, spiked suits, and over-the-top makeup now. I can't be sure, of course, but it appeared he had on some kind of designer suit, along with a bright white collarless (?) shirt. (Obviously fashion is another area where I know nothing...I spend all my time in scrubs or in my pajamas!)

I hope everyone's having a great day, and I'll be sure to come by and let you know how the concert is!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Why Is It.......?

Why is it.....

.....whenever you're late for work or for an appointment, you hit every red light along the way? matter what line you get in at the grocery store, your line seems to move the slowest?

.....the more you sleep, the more tired you get?

.....when you're wearing new clothes you always manage to spill something on yourself?

I'm sure there's lots more of these questions out there; I just haven't run across them yet!

I know it's been a while since I posted; I apologize. It's a combination of too much time at work and then being too tired to post, and not having anything interesting to post! Sometimes it seems like my mind is too tired to do anything that requires mental effort! Although depending on who you speak to, that could describe me almost any day!

Anyway, I haven't given up on the blog yet...if anyone has any ideas of what I might write about, let me know!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Power of Words

A thought-provoking video that shows us how words can affect others.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oy, It's 2012! The Year I've Been Dreading!

Sorry for only the one post in the last couple of weeks. The holidays have my schedule completely screwed up. Anyone that works in health care can tell you that the holidays are a bitch. Chances are you have to work them, and if you don't, someone else will call in sick so you'll get asked to work anyway! But enough about that. If I start ranting about work I may not stop. Don't ask why. I'm glad I'm not in health care management, because clearly I'm not rude enough. STOP ME!!!! AAAGGHHH!!

Anyway, the reason I've been dreading 2012 is because this year I turn 50. Yes, FIFTY!! As you probably figured out from my previous posts about 'How you can tell you're getting old', I don't want to get old, and am trying my hardest to deny that it's happening. People always say that getting 30 is the bad year. That wasn't bad at all for me. For some reason, 50 is hitting me like a 2 x 4 upside the head. Turning 50 makes me feel like death is just around the corner. I have a feeling that I'll be giving my anti-depressants a workout this year.

A lot of the other blogs I've been reading have been covering goals, resolutions, plans for the new year, etc. I think my goal, plan, and resolution is just to survive till 2013! Not that having goals and making resolutions isn't a good thing. Many of these writers are young and just going into the best years of their lives. I can't help feeling like I'm kind of on the downhill side of my life. Geez, now I'm depressing myself.

Okay, so what are some GOOD things to look forward to? I'm going to see David Garrett in concert in just a couple of weeks; that will be fun! It remains to be seen whether DH will go with me, but I'll have fun either way. The next week after that, I'll be traveling back to Michigan to see how my Dad is doing. Hey, if work calls me that week, I'll be able to say "NO" without feeling guilty! February means our wedding anniversary and Valentine's day...lots of chocolate, yum! Has anyone else heard that chocolate is good for depression? Some chemical in it works on the brain like serotonin & nor-epinephrine, I think. Any excuse for chocolate works for me!

By the way, our holidays were very quiet. As mentioned above, I worked Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, and New Years Day.(among others) I was so tired on Christmas, I ended up sleeping the whole day instead of going to the in-laws for dinner. I felt bad about that, but I guess it's better than falling asleep in my mashed w/ gravy. In case you couldn't tell, my DH and I are not overly-social people. We never go out for New Years Eve, so I didn't miss anything by working that night. DH did buy me a beautiful bracelet for Christmas, which I was totally not expecting. I had just bought myself a new Kindle the week before, so I was counting that as my gift. Many thanks to DH!

What would we do without social networking? I've found that I'm more able to keep up with family stuff since I installed Twitter and Facebook on my phone, lol! For years I've lived in the West of the US and felt like I was a million miles away. Who knew all I had to do was install a couple of apps? I'm also able to keep up with my favorite blogs and YouTube through my phone as well, so I'm all set!

Okay, so maybe I wouldn't want to go back to the 80's or 90's just to be younger. We didn't have all this fun technology (even tho I hate it sometimes) back then! To keep up with family and friends we had to go to bars and use the phone! I bet by the time I die we won't even have to have any personal touch at all. Remember that movie with Sly Stallone & Sandra Bullock? It took place in the future, and sex didn't involve any contact between the two people, they just put on these funny caps and were 'stimulated'? We wouldn't want any bodily fluids getting in the way of things, would we? (That movie also starred Wesley Snipes, and I can't for the life of me remember what the name of it was. Old age, you know?)