Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vacation Plans

I'm leaving tomorrow for a blissful week in Hawaii with my millionaire lover. We'll be spending time eating at all the best restaurants and mixing with all the upper crust of society, of course. Oh, and flying first class, as well.

NOT!! I know, I really didn't have you fooled at all, did I? I'm actually leaving tomorrow to go visit my father in Michigan. Not quiiittte as good as a week in Hawaii, but close. Since it is the middle of winter, I'm going into this expecting flight delays and weather issues. Meaning, I won't be terribly disappointed if I get delayed enough that I miss work next week and get fired. (Kidding, DH.)

Anyway...I made it to the David Garrett concert in Reno last week, and it was outstanding. Turned out my tickets were in the 3rd row; unfortunately on the wrong side of the auditorium, so most of the show had him with his back to our side of the place. But the music was great, and a good time was had by all. At least until the end of the show and we had to go outside. THEN, it was pouring rain and windy.But that took care of the wild-fire south of Reno, which ended up destroying some 20 homes. Talk about weird...I've lived here about six years, and to have two major fires in two months is kind of strange.

It's also been strange because we haven't had any snow yet. (Now that I've said it, I'll probably jinx myself and tomorrow will wake up to a foot of snow) The ski resorts around Lake Tahoe are having problems, of course. As I'm not a skier, I can't empathize a whole lot, but I'm sure they're losing money like crazy.

In any case, I need to do laundry before I can head out of here tomorrow. I hope everyone (anyone?) reading this is safe, warm, and happy. :-)

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