Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Amendment 1, Oh Lord

Hi All, It's been a looonnnggg time since I last posted. Let's call it a combination of Winter Blahs, lack of ideas, and too many "to be read" books on Kindle. But one thing in particular made me pick up my pen (or laptop)again. Yesterday in North Carolina, Amendment 1 was passed into law. Contrary to popular belief, this amendment is NOT just about gay marriage. It has the potential to affect many more people than just the LGBT people of North Carolina. My fear is that it has the potential to affect ALL people in ALL states if a movement of this sort were to pick up in other areas. Please view the video below. it's something I wish I and all the people of North Carolina had seen before voting for this amendment. Doesn't that video give you a lot to think about? I don't consider myself a political person in any sense of the word. I'm embarrassed and ashamed to say that at my age (almost 50) I have never voted in an election of any sort. Strangely enough, Twitter, of all things, has brought things to my attention that I probably would never have been aware of. It probably sounds crazy to you, but I rarely watch television, and when I do it's not the news that I watch. We don't subscribe to any newspapers or magazines. Occasionally I may see bits of a newspaper online, but political news is not something that I would normally gravitate to. The people I follow on Twitter have introduced me to issues and ideas that I haven't known about. I encourage all of you (few that you may be) to become informed. Learn about the issues, the people, and consider the future of this country that we live in. It's scary to think about sometimes. We have people who call themselves "christians" who seem to have an awful lot of hate inside. We have politicians running on "family values" platforms who seem to have a lack of them in their personal lives. (Didn't John Edwards run on this, as well as playing on the sympathies of the American people with his poor, sick, cancer-stricken wife? Now he's in the news for using campaign funds to pay off his mistress and support his illegitimate child. Hello...hypocritical much?) Everyone seems to feel free to play with semantics; using their own definitions of 'family values', 'christian', and 'equal rights'. Amendment 1 in North Carolina has the potential to limit and/or revoke rights of ALL persons in the state, unless they are "one man & one woman" who are "married". To be honest, I'm saddened and afraid. I don't want to see ANYONE'S child with any fewer rights that anyone else, just because he or she chooses not to get married, or loves someone of the same sex. It INFURIATES me to hear people say that gay marriage threatens the sanctity of marriage, when more than 50% of heterosexual marriages end in divorce. It seems like "marriage" is really just a contract between two persons. What makes it "sanctified" is the deep commitment involved if it's a TRUE marriage. The ability to make that commitment depends on the values, morals, and beliefs of the people involved; NOT their physical sexual characteristics. Ah, well. I guess I've had my rant for today. Thus is the value of the blog. I feel much better now, having gotten all that off my chest! Stay tuned for the next rant of the day, sponsored by Twitter!

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