Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Good Book

No, this post isn't about THE good book, it's about A good book. Actually a series of 3 books by Thomas Sherry. The first book is called Deep Winter. The series is about a family and their friends living in Spokane, WA. It's one of those "end of the world" type books; not post-apocalyptic really, just how people survive after a major disaster(s).

The original disaster in the book is a volcanic eruption of Mt Rainier, followed by a very large earthquake (8+ on the richter scale). Eventually, the Spokane area (and the entire US)is involved in a collapse of the US financial system, a world-wide flu pandemic (twice), a nuclear war, secession of most of the eastern US, and a Civil War. I'm sure all that sounds crazy, but somehow the author manages to make all of this seem possible.

The author goes into a great amount of detail; sometimes more than really necessary, but I suppose different things are interesting to different people. For instance, when rebuilding their house all kinds of detail is given regarding supplies, sizes of shingles, nails, etc, etc, etc. Someone who is really interested in building might be into all that detail, but it all kind of went over my head.

Anyway, it is just a very interesting series of books, because so many of the things in the books COULD actually happen. It gives you a lot to think about in regards to the financial system, preparing for disasters of one kind or another, and what you might need in the future. The books are also a little scary because these things COULD happen, and 99% of the world would be very unprepared. I know we would be! Just one thing like the power grid failing can cause a cascade of events that would change the world completely!

I read a LOT of different kinds of books. A lot of romance, I will admit. But I've also been reading a lot of zombie and post-apocalyptic stories lately as well. Laugh if you'd like...I admit I have some strange reading habits. But I don't go out to the bars, I don't go the casinos (of which there are a LOT here!), and I don't spend much on clothes!

By the way, I read these books on Kindle. I'm not sure if they are available in print or not.

Here's another photo from my China trip in 2008. I thought this photo turned out pretty well for a very amateur photographer!

Have a great day. Not sure when I'll post again as I'll be starting my long week at work on Thursday. Will have to see if I can come up with any really interesting or funny ideas!


  1. I may have to recommend this one to my daughter. I don't read many books like this, none these days, but my daughter does. She may like this one. She is one that reads vampire books (no shimmery ones), mythology, zombies, and many young adult adventure type books. She has very wide tastes but no romance;) What can you say she is only 18:)


  2. Hi there! You might ask if your daughter has read the Dark Lover series by JR Ward. Although they are romantic to a point. Adult Content. Kerrelyn Sparks also writes a vampire series. World War Z is a good zombie book. Can't remember who that author is though.

    Thanks for stopping by again!