Monday, June 4, 2012


Hi Everyone! (All one of you!) I haven't thought of anything witty or intriguing to post about. Even Twitter has been somewhat lacking on new info lately. So I'll give a couple of general updates. I'M GOING TO INDIA!! I've finally taken the plunge, and have booked a trip to India which will be from March 14 - April 5, 2013. Yep, that's a long time away, but I have to feel like I'm earning enough money to pay for it as well as have spending money! The trip itself is to Southern India. This is a little different from the typical tourist trip, as most people go to Northern India, which is where the Taj Mahal and other big tourist draws are. I chose the Southern India trip because the reviews I've read say that the people are nicer, the pace is slower, and the traffic isn't QUITE so wild. Not that I'm going to be driving; I'm going on a tour through Overseas Adventure Travel, which is the company I used when I went to Costa Rica in February 2011. They are a sister company of Grand Circle Travel, and I've taken a couple of European River Cruises with them. Needless to say, I'm REALLY excited about this trip, and have started counting the days already. I think it's something like 267 days from today. (Silly, much?) I'm going to visit my Dad in about 10 days. I didn't actually plan it this way, but I'll be with him over Father's Day, which will be nice. I need to call my sister and see if anyone is planning anything for that weekend. I got a new camera recently in anticipation of the trip to India, but I think I'll take it with me to Michigan as well. It's by Polaroid, called a POGO. It's a digital camera, and a printer in one! The prints aren't the greatest quality, but for having the prints within a minute, it's pretty cool! It'll be nice on the trip to be able to take photos and have them right away to remember exactly what we did and where we went on each day. I've also been back to working on my crafts again lately. I've made a scrapbook/journal for one of my nieces who is getting married soon. I've also got 2 more nieces getting married in the next 2 years, so I think I'll make one for each of them. If any of you are reading this, FORGET ABOUT THIS!! Anyway, it's been fun to get back into the hands-on stuff, even though I'm really not the least bit artistic. This post turned out longer than I thought it would! But at least it hasn't been 4 months since the last one!

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