Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Books, Books, Books or Why I Have No Life!

My main hobby is reading. Anything and everything I can get my hands on. Just ask my DH, who pays the bill from Amazon every month! Seriously, though, you have to admit that reading is a pretty harmless hobby when compared to gambling or hitting the bars every weekend. Every time DH complains that we are single-handedly keeping Amazon in business, I remind him about the ex-wife who gambled away all his money while he was in Korea in the air force. I also can't forget to remind him that I could go out shopping for new clothes every week if he'd prefer!

I think books are a great way to escape; to different places, different lives, and different experiences. Then when I go back to work, the real world brings me back to earth with a really big THUD! I'm a nurse, and there's nothing better than cleaning up bodily fluids to remind you that you're not living in a land with werewolves, vampires, or studly men with "shafts" the size of a zucchini!

However, I digress...I just want to thank all you authors out there for sharing your talent with the world and providing endless hours of laughter, tears, heaving bosoms, and roaring climaxes! (climax...climaxes...climaxii? hmmm)

Excuse me now while I go back to the land of fictional heros and heroines. I have 48 hours until I'm scheduled to crash land on earth again.

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  1. A zucchini! Really? No life? roaring climaxes! We have to talk ;-)