Monday, September 12, 2011

How Much is That Doggy in the Window?

Okay, what's with dogs and barking? Why do dogs bark, anyway? I was sitting in the bathtub this morning, and all of a sudden the dog starts barking. Nobody's come to the door, I don't hear anything unusual, and the dog is just barking like crazy!

Keep in mind, this is a 70 pound pit bull, so it's not just a little yip or two; it's full-body, bass-deep WOOFING with a bit of a howl at the end! I'm sure if anybody's reading this, you'll tell me it's a territorial thing, right? I don't think he has to worry about his territory, because anyone hearing this barking wouldn't get anywhere close to the house. I know, that's the point of the barking. Hmmm...if they really knew the dog he wouldn't scare anyone. He sounds ferocious but he's really just a big puppy in disguise.

He's a rescue dog; we got him from the SPCA in March of this year. The LAST thing we were looking for was a pit bull having heard all the horror stories about dog fighting, attacks on children, etc. However, when we saw him in the kennel, he was just impossible to resist! He's one of those dogs that smiles, you know? I'll have too see if DH the computer genius can upload a picture for me. Now that he's getting better about jumping on people, he's just a doll-baby! He'd sooner lick you to death than bite you.

Anyway, he's settled down now. My thought for the day is: support your nearest animal shelter, humane society, or SPCA. Even if you can't adopt a dog or cat, consider dropping off a bag of food or some toys. Consider donating an hour or two a week. I bet extra hands are always needed for feeding, walking, or grooming. Animals don't care if you're black, white, straight, or gay. They love you for just being there with a pat or a treat. You've never lived until you've been loved on by an animal!

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