Saturday, September 24, 2011


Have you ever thought about celebrity (or celebrities)? It seems logical to me that 'celebrity is formed from the word 'celebrate'. Therefore 'to celebrate' means to make a person a celebrity, right?

Who are our celebrities today? Movie or television stars, sports players, musicians, and sometimes people who haven't actually DONE anything but get their name out there. (What, exactly, has Paris Hilton done to be 'celebrated?) I like my share of movie stars and musicians just like anyone else; don't get me wrong. But maybe there are other, unknown, people that are more deserving of the title of celebrity. How about a soldier who saves even one of his fellow soldiers, putting his own life on the line while doing it? What about the person who stops to help you out when your car stalls at a traffic light during rush hour? How about the friend who drives you home after you've had too much to drink after work on Friday night?

I think anyone can be a hero. Bring your wofe a flower; put a note with a smiley face into your kid's lunch bag; buy a cup of coffee for the homeless guy sitting on the corner. Anyone can perform a Random Act of Kindness (RAK), whether it's big or small. You can do these RAKs anonymously if you want. Wouldn't it be fun to know you made some's day just a little bit brighter?

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